3 Ways To Ensure That Your New Home's Garage Is Secure

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3 Ways To Ensure That Your New Home's Garage Is Secure

12 September 2017
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Moving into a new home is an exciting and busy time. As well as getting unpacked, arranging your furniture and settling into your new abode, it's important to ensure that it's a safe and secure place to live. Ensuring that your garage's security is adequate is an important part of this and it's sometimes overlooked by homeowners. Here are three ways that you can ensure that your garage is as secure as possible.

1. Replace your remote controls

Your garage door's remote control units are essentially keys to your home and like your door keys, they should be replaced when you move into a new home. You can never be certain that a previous owner or tenant doesn't still have a copy of the existing remote, allowing them easy access to your home if they choose.

Replacing the remote control for your garage door is inexpensive and simple and can be completed in no time by a garage door contractor. They can connect the new remotes to your garage door's existing automated opening mechanism and give you the peace of mind that no one can enter your garage without your permission.

2. Install an interior deadlock

It's common to think that if your garage door is secure then unwanted visitors won't be able to access your home via the internal door in your garage. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common ways that thieves access a home and it's wise to install a deadlock to prevent easy access.

Deadlocks are strong, heavy-duty locks that use long, thick screws to hold the lock in place. This makes them very difficult to break through. Keep the key on your set of car keys and make sure that you engage the deadlock each time you leave the house via the garage in your vehicle.

3. Install sensor lights

Even with a secure garage door and a deadlock installed, adding sensor lights which flick on when triggered by movement is still a smart security measure for your garage. They'll come on as you arrive home or depart your property and the light will rob a would-be robber of the darkness they need to slip into your garage unnoticed when the door is open.

Sensor lights are good for your home's general security as well, even when you're not using the garage. The garage accounts for a large percentage of a home's street frontage, so you'll be alerted if any unwelcome guests approach your home looking for an entry point to invade your home.