Why Choose Wicker Outdoor Furniture Instead of Aluminium?

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Why Choose Wicker Outdoor Furniture Instead of Aluminium?

24 September 2017
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If you're going to enjoy your outdoor space, you'll need the right outdoor furniture. For many homeowners, choices come down to either aluminium or wicker. Each option boasts its own benefits, but most people will find themselves better off with wicker, and here are just a few reasons why:

Homier Appearance

Aluminium outdoor furniture does hold a few benefits, but few people would call it homely. Aluminium tends to be used more where space and cost is a factor, and you're more likely to find it sitting outside a café than in a residential setting. Wicker is quite different. It achieves a pleasantly cosy and rustic look, and there are plenty of options to customize your furniture. A wide variety of materials are available in several different colours, and you'll also be able to change the colour of any cushions.  

Less Likely to Cause Damage

Aluminium furniture and wicker furniture are both quite light, but aluminium furniture tends to use smaller bases and get whipped around more by the wind. Than in itself can be enough to cause damage, but you'll also want to keep in mind that aluminium is much harder than wicker. If a wicker chair somehow gets caught by the wind, it's far less likely to dent your patio, break a window, or cause any other kind of damage.

Easier Maintenance

Both aluminium furniture and wicker furniture is relatively easy to care for; in fact, you can clean them off simply by hosing them down. That said, aluminium outdoor furniture will show any damage very quickly. If a piece is dented or scratched, it will look quite shabby, and there won't be any easy way to repair it. Wicker can get damaged, but the damage won't show as clearly.

More Comfortable

One problem with aluminium furniture is that it doesn't tend to be very comfortable. That's not a huge problem if you only need somewhere to perch for a minute or two, but actually sitting down and relaxing for a few hours isn't so easy. Compared to wicker furniture, aluminium furniture is often quite small, and it generally doesn't come with cushions. Comfort issues will be especially problematic during hot or cold weather. When the sun is beating down, your aluminium furniture can get too hot to sit on; when it's freezing, your aluminium will get very cold. Wicker will cool and warm with the weather, but not so drastically.

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