5 Reasons Your Home's External Blinds Should Be Motorized

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5 Reasons Your Home's External Blinds Should Be Motorized

28 September 2017
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External blinds are becoming more and more popular all across Australia, and it isn't particularly hard to see why. They make the interior of your home less cluttered while still covering your windows, and there are plenty of styles and designs from which to choose.

You can also choose between manual external blinds and motorized external blinds. Each option comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but most homeowners will find themselves better off with motorized external blinds.

Here are just five reasons why.

1. They Look Better

Some people are worried that motorized blinds will have large motors that look unsightly, but this isn't the case at all. In fact, motorized blinds tend to look better than manual ones because they don't require any hanging cords, rods, or chains. Better yet, motorization means that your blinds are raised and lowered smoothly each time, with very minimal chances of tangles or damage, so they should stay looking their best for years to come.

2. They Are More Convenient

You can't discuss the benefits of motorized blinds without talking about convenience. Of course, motorization is always more convenient since you can raise or lower your blinds at the touch of a button, rather than having to get up and take care of the task manually. For external blinds, motorization is even more convenient. If you go manual, you'll need to get up and head outside whenever you want to make an adjustment, and that can really get old in a hurry. Instead, it's much nicer to stay inside and bring those blinds up or down remotely.

3. They Tend to Be Heavier

You might think that added weight would be a problem, but it's something of an advantage. You see, one of the central problems that externals blinds used to suffer from was being blown around by the wind. This prevents them from shielding the inside of your home from prying eyes or UV rays, and it could damage either the blinds or the windows they are meant to protect. Motorized blinds tend to be appreciably heavier, allowing them to stay in place more easily.

4. Remote Use and Smart Features

Of course, you can always raise or lower your blinds remotely if it's a windy day and you're away from the home. Most motorized blinds are available with smart features that let you control them remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or other personal device. This is fantastic for a whole host of reasons. If you forgot to lower your blinds and don't want the UV light streaming into your home, you can simply pull out your smartphone, open the app, and then access all functions remotely.

Further smart functions can work whether you're at home or not. Like to wake up with sunshine washing over you? Simply set the external blinds in your bedroom to raise up just before your alarm clock goes off. Have a certain setting you like? Store it for later use to have the blinds return there at the touch of a button.

5. They Enhance Security  

All external blinds can enhance home security by protecting the view of what's inside from prying eyes, but motorized blinds are even more effective. That's because they can be set to raise and lower at certain times, giving your home the appearance of being lived in while you are away for a few days. With smart features, you can even change their configuration remotely from anywhere in the world. The police recommend a number of measures to enhance home security, including making your home look occupied when you're away, and motorized external blinds can help accomplish that goal.