You May Have More Options for Air Conditioning Than You Realize!

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You May Have More Options for Air Conditioning Than You Realize!

9 October 2017
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Air conditioning is very important, not just for your overall comfort, but even for your health. It's easy to get overly fatigued if your home isn't properly cooled during hot summer months, and to suffer heat stroke, even when indoors! This is especially true for someone who exercises indoors, as this also raises body temperature, sometimes to a dangerous degree.

However, if you've hesitated to have air conditioning installed in any part of your home, perhaps because you're concerned with the expense of central air conditioning, you may have more choices for interior cooling than you realize. Note a few of those choices here so that you, and your home, are always safe during summertime.

Portable air conditioner

A portable air conditioner sits on the floor and uses a long hose as a vent; that hose then needs to sit in a windowsill, so a portable air conditioner is not good for basements or other such areas that may not have windows. However, if the home's garage has a window, a portable air conditioner can keep you cool while working on the car.

Portable units can also be a good solution for spaces where you may need cooling just in that area alone, such as in your home gym, in a sunroom, and the like. Using the portable air conditioner allows you to stay cool without having to run the air conditioner throughout the entire home, and this type of unit needs no construction or work done to the home. A portable unit may also be easier to manage than a window air conditioner, which can be bulky and heavy and which might actually fall out the window if not secured properly! They're also a good choice for apartment dwellers who may not be allowed to add a window air conditioner, such as for units in high rises, and who may only need cooling in certain areas of the apartment at one time, such as the bedroom.

Split system

A split system air conditioner gets vented out an exterior wall, so it does needs a slight bit of construction, but it is more powerful and may provide more cooling than a window or portable unit. These are often used on construction sites when a home is being remodelled and the central unit is disconnected; the small amount of construction needed for the split system can be patched over once the work is done and the unit is removed. Split systems can also be a good solution for outbuildings such as barns, as they need no ductwork or vents.