Why Add Motorization to Your Blinds and Shades?

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Why Add Motorization to Your Blinds and Shades?

16 October 2017
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Motorized blinds and shades may be much more affordable than you realize, and they are obviously very convenient, as you can add a remote to your system and then adjust the window treatments without ever getting off the sofa! While convenience is an obvious advantage to having your window treatments motorized, there are many other advantages to consider; note a few of those here, so you can see why this is a good investment for your home.

Less wear and tear

A motor that controls your blinds and shades may actually mean less wear and tear on those window treatments; without motorization, you may constantly tug at shades to get them to work, or to line them up evenly, causing damage or potentially even pulling shades off the wall! The cords that operate window treatments are also notorious for wearing out and snapping, so that you can't move the window treatments until you get the cord fixed or just replace the window treatments altogether. With a motor, you don't need to tug and pull at shades, and there is no risk of stripping or breaking a cord to blinds or curtains.

Keeping window treatments clean

If you ever look at the edge of your home's curtains or shades, you may see fingerprints, dark and dirty spots, smudges, and other such minor stains. This is usually from having to actually touch the window treatment; the fabric of curtains will absorb skin oils, even if your hands are clean, so that the curtains show smudges and discoloration. Even vinyl shades will pick up dirt and oils from your hands. With motorization, you never need to touch the window treatments, so they need far less cleaning over the years.


Having a motor on the window treatments will mean no cords for children or pets to tug at, potentially hurting themselves or pulling the window treatment right off the wall. Being able to remotely adjust the window treatments in other rooms can also make those rooms look occupied; if you live alone or are home alone, and are nervous about someone breaking in, using the remote to adjust window treatments in different rooms at the same time can make it appear as though there are many people inside the home, scaring off a potential burglar. You can also quickly adjust the window treatments in all the rooms of the home once it gets dark outside without running from room to room, so that no one can see in the home, which also increases your overall safety.