Essential Considerations When Installing Shade Sails

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Essential Considerations When Installing Shade Sails

6 March 2018
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Australian weather may be agreeable for the most part, but it also has the propensity of becoming erratic on occasion. From scorching heat to sudden showers, it is always best to ensure that your exterior living area has some form of shelter to keep you adequately protected from the elements.

One of the types of shelters that are steadily gaining favour with Australian homeowners is shade sails. These structures are proving to be a convenient and functional addition to entertainment areas from verandahs to patios. However, basing your decision on which shade sails to purchase exclusively on your budget would be myopic. Below are essential considerations to have when looking to install shade sails on your property.

Map out the placement of your shade sails

A mistake some individuals commit is going out, buying the shade sails, and subsequently trying to figure out how they will fit into their property. The problem with this method is that you could end up finding that your shade sails will not meet your requirements. Thus, it is imperative to map out how you are planning to place your shade sails before you even begin pressing the options available to you. The first thing that should go into mapping out the placement is establishing if the shade sails are going to be erected on a slope or level ground. Secondly, resolve where the fixing points of your shade sails will be for example if you will attach them to a structure or if you will need some posts erected beforehand. Lastly, figure out the perimeter that will require coverage, as this will determine how much fabric you should expect to buy.

Be creative with style and design

The conventional shape that shade sails come in is square pieces of fabric. This design is geared toward providing maximum protection against the elements coupled with easy installation. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you are limited to this style. If you want your shade sails to stand out and add a unique visual element to your property, you should deliberate on experimenting with triangular-shaped options. Triangular shade sails do not sacrifice the efficiency of your shelter as they can be layered in a way that ensures you have adequate coverage at all times. Moreover, triangular shade sails comprising different colours can help you create unique patterns in your yard that will significantly enhance the kerb appeal of your exterior space.