Key Features to Look for in Your Coastal Shade Sails

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Key Features to Look for in Your Coastal Shade Sails

18 September 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Although many people love the sun, it's always a good idea to spend time away from it. At the same time, you might not want to sacrifice the chance to spend time outdoors. When you buy coastal shade sails, you get the best of both worlds. Before parting with your cash, you should look for some key features.

Aim for high UV protection

UV protection is an important feature for everyone, but it becomes extra crucial when you have children. Coastal shade sails that come with a UPF 50+ rating will block 98-percent of harmful UV rays. Although they shouldn't act as a substitute for sunscreen and good hydration, they are a good weapon in your war against heat stroke.

Robust support mechanisms

Although most shade sails are made of fabric, they're still heavy. Additionally, when the rain starts to fall, water will soon weigh them down. To prevent yours from collapsing altogether, make sure the corners feature robust support mechanisms. Materials such as steel and aluminium are far less likely to rust than other metals, so place them high on your priority list.

Water resistant coatings

Installing shade sails when you're living in a coastal area means you need to look for waterproof features. In the absence of waterproofing, coastal breezes that blow wet air towards your home could gradually degrade the sails. Also, they're more likely to encounter damage during periods of heavy rainfall. As well as waterpoof coatings, look out for rot-resistant coverings. While both may fade over time, they will promote a high-quality finish for longer.

The ability to wash them easily

As a temporary feature that'll rest outside your home, your coastal sails need to remain aesthetically attractive. Over time, you may find that a combination of bird droppings and staining leave yours looking lacklustre. If you plan to restore them to their previous glory, you'll need to find some that are easy to wash. Some coastal shade sails come with machine washable fabric. Even if your machine at home isn't big enough to accommodate them, you can take them to a laundrette with a commercial-sized one. 

After finding the perfect shade sails for your home's exterior, you can look forward to lots of long afternoons in the sun. In addition to complementing home outdoor spaces, they're ideal for schools, outdoor pools, and care facilities. By providing extra sun protection to those who need it the most, they ensure sunny days are safer to enjoy.