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Hello, my name is Harold. I am quite new to using the internet. My granddaughter taught me how to use this computer so I decided to start a blog. I didn't have an idea for what I should base my blog on. My wife suggested that I start a home and garden blog. I should make it clear that I am not a home and garden expert so all this advice consists of things I have learnt myself or been taught by others when I have been working on my own property. I hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful.

Stone Benchtops Are Not Indestructible: Common Causes of Discoloration

10 July 2018
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The very fact that some kitchen benchtops are made of stone or granite suggests strength and durability. And this is true⸺these types of benchtops can be incredibly strong, but this doesn't mean that they're immune to being damaged. It's almost as though their weaknesses are selective, and there are a couple of primary ways that you could damage a stone or granite kitchen benchtop. So what do you need to look out for? Read More …

Shower Screens That Will Steal the Spotlight

30 May 2018
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You don't have to own a palace-sized bathroom or a walk-in shower to reap the benefits of stunning designs. You can easily add style and appeal to a snug bathroom space using shower screens. They are highly accommodating and make a great addition to a small bathroom. Even a small apartment bathroom can be made stylish and sleek with the right shower screen. Here's some insight on the shower screens that are best suited for a bathroom that is limited on space. Read More …

Choosing A Decorative Mulch For Your Flower Garden

22 May 2018
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A flower garden full of beautiful blooms can be an attractive and eye-catching addition to any garden, whether it's a small plot outside your home or a sprawling green space outside your office block. Any gardener worth their salt knows that proper mulching is one of the most essential landscaping products for maintaining a flower garden throughout the year. Laying down a layer of mulch on the soil of your flower garden will help it retain moisture during dry weather and also inhibit the growth of weeds. Read More …

4 Smart Yet Simple Window Additions To Keep Your Home Naturally Cooler

27 April 2018
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The struggle to keep a home comfortably cool during the summer months is all too familiar for many Australian homeowners. Good insulation and a robust air conditioner can only do so much and there is always a room where the windows cop the brunt of the summer sun. Usually, these are north facing windows that are exposed to sunlight all day as the sun makes its arc across the sky. Read More …

How Quality Windows Add Value to Properties

13 April 2018
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Most homeowners know that if they fail to maintain their property properly then its value will not be optimised when it comes to selling it. Of course, good property maintenance also means that your home is a better place to live in even if you have no plans to sell up in the immediate future. There are a number of areas that will help you to improve the saleable value of your home, such as keeping the garden in good condition and ensuring that things like roof tiles are replaced when necessary. Read More …