What to Look Out for When You Are Choosing Your First Embroidery Machine

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What to Look Out for When You Are Choosing Your First Embroidery Machine

6 October 2017
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If you love sewing, you may have been dreaming about buying an embroidery machine. Yet you know that this is a step up from what you already have and may not be certain what you should be looking for. If you're in this position, what do you need to know?


First of all, you will want to know what you can achieve when you invest in a machine like this. So, what is the largest design this type of equipment can accommodate? Check out the distance between the needle and the edge of the embroidery machine to determine the largest width available.


You'll want to know how well equipped the machine is. How many hoops are included and what accessories come in the box?

You might be happy with the stock options included with a particular machine, but you will also want to know if additional hoop sizes can be accommodated when you are ready to expand your ambition. Factor this into your equation, as well as the prices.


Have a look at the touch screen component to determine the functionality of the equipment. These screens allow you to touch and drag different designs, and each type of machine will be set up differently in this respect. Take it for a test drive, as it were, to see if you are happy. If necessary, do some research online to see if you can incorporate more complex designs using specialist embroidery software.


When it comes to transferring different designs to your embroidery machine, have a look at the interface. Many machines are set up to accommodate a USB stick, onto which you will download the data. Some of the most up-to-date machines are Wi-Fi enabled or may even have Bluetooth capability. This may be particularly advantageous if your sewing area is in a different location from your computer desk.

Multipurpose Options

You may also find it easier to choose a machine that has sewing capability as well. While you may have a stand-alone machine, it may be much easier for you to buy an embroidery machine that does both jobs. Typically, the multipurpose options have greater capability than those that do not.

Help from the Supplier

Finally, ask your supplier whether they offer training classes for people who are new to this type of activity. You should also make sure that they offer access to service technicians, should you ever need them.