Creating your new kitchen

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Creating your new kitchen

22 February 2018
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Nothing breathes new life into a home of any vintage like a new kitchen. If you're planning a remodel, or are building a new home, you'll want a kitchen that not only looks great and serves your needs, but is in keeping with the design trends of the time.

So what is hot this year? Read on to find out.

Eat in kitchens

From farmhouse kitchens to far more contemporary affairs, eat in kitchens are decidedly in this year, with interior designers continuing to feature the islands that have become so popular in recent years, as well as dedicated and roomy areas for tables and chairs. While it's an obvious choice for many, this move towards more space for family and friends in the kitchen lends a distinctly cosy air to meal times.


This year's kitchens mix bold splashes of colour with cabinets and benchtops in grey and inky hues, and black taps, fixtures and interest pieces are leading the charge in establishing this trend as one to watch. It's no wonder, really. Black is a classic colour that can be mixed and matched with nearly any design style or colour scheme, it doesn't show wear and tear and won't become dated. To make a real splash, try pairing black with stripped pine, marble or metallic finishes.


In keeping with the grey tones of this year's kitchens, concrete is a popular choice for benchtops and walls this year. Concrete is far more affordable than natural stone materials such as marble, and it can be customised in a variety of colours and textures.

Banquette Seating

Remember the oak and cherry benches of the 1980s? Well they've been revamped in new and fabulous tones and materials, creating quite a stir in kitchens so far this year. The latest banquette designs are decidedly austere, featuring muted tones and none of the moulding and stenciling that were so popular forty years ago. They also often employ inbuilt benches on one side of the table, and modern chairs on the other.

Inbuilt Sinks

Materials that allow you to transition seamlessly from benchtop to draining board to sink are hot this year and you'll notice sinks forming part of marble, concrete and manufactured benchtops. While this is a bold move - and only the test of time will tell if this is one trend that last - these inbuilt sinks really do look great right now.

With a diverse range of new kitchens on the market, it's an exciting time to designing one to suit your home. Choose carefully from the latest trends and before you know it you'll be cooking up a storm.