Three tips for the easy maintenance of your wooden blinds

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Three tips for the easy maintenance of your wooden blinds

22 March 2018
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Wooden blinds are usually amazing because they give your home the warm and natural feel that only wood can. However, due to the fact that wood is vulnerable to various environmental influences, you need to make sure that you clean and maintain your blinds properly at all times. When the blinds are properly maintained, wooden blinds can even last as long as their faux wood counterparts. You just need to know the right processes to follow when taking care of wood.

Cleaning the blinds

When doing the regular day to day cleaning to your wooden blinds, use a soft dust cloth. You can also try using a feather duster because it removes the dust without scouring the surface of the wood. It is important to avoid allowing your blinds to come into contact with water or any other form of moisture because when wood absorbs wetness, it starts warping. Another complication which can arise when water is used to clean wood is that it could absorb moisture and start getting mold or mildew. In case your blinds come into contact with water during cleaning, make sure that you have dried the wet spots completely.

Protection from UV light

Unfortunately, your blinds will be exposed to UV light almost all year round. With time, it will start fading and this cracking, which makes it easier for other elements such as moisture to ruin the wood. Before the blinds are installed, you should make sure that they have been coated with varnish. Normally, this coating starts breaking down after six to seven years. To prevent this from happening, make sure that the blinds are polished every three to four years, or sooner if you find the need. You may also opt for painted blinds because they last longer than the varnished ones.

Replacing the blinds

If you have refinished your blinds a number of times, and they are starting to look too worn out, it is probably time to think about replacing them. Call in a window installation expert and have them assess your blinds. They are the people who can tell you whether it is time to replace, and the best products in the market.

Caring for wooden blinds should be a continual process. The more gentle you are with your blinds, the lesser the possibility that they will fall apart on you before they have served you for as long as you would wish them to. For more information on wooden or custom blind maintenance, contact a professional.