How Quality Windows Add Value to Properties

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How Quality Windows Add Value to Properties

13 April 2018
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Most homeowners know that if they fail to maintain their property properly then its value will not be optimised when it comes to selling it. Of course, good property maintenance also means that your home is a better place to live in even if you have no plans to sell up in the immediate future. There are a number of areas that will help you to improve the saleable value of your home, such as keeping the garden in good condition and ensuring that things like roof tiles are replaced when necessary.

Another key area for potential buyers is the quality of the windows in a home. Buyers will frequently notice the quality of the windows you have installed even before they get inside your home. As such, they are an important factor if you want to create a favourable impression from the start of any viewing. Why are windows so crucial?

Quality Framing

When the frames of a window are past their best, it really does not matter how well the glazing has been maintained. All would-be buyers will notice is that the window frames are going to need replacing sooner rather than later. This has a negative impact on the price they are going to be willing to offer on your property, no matter what you think the asking price ought to be. Older frames deteriorate over time. Exposure to the elements means that no window frame will last forever. Wooden frames, particularly, need be painted every few years. Modern materials, like uPVC or aluminium, should be wiped over with soapy water to spruce them up. However, physical damage to window frames means that you ought to consider replacing them completely rather than attempting a patch up repair.

Quality Glazing

These days, consumers demand high-quality fenestration units in both homes and offices. Essentially, this means double glazed windows which can cut out noise from outside as well as preventing thermal losses in winter. Remember that quality glazing should lower the running costs of a home and be viewed as an investment. If your double glazing has condensation on the inside, then consider exchanging those windows affected with new ones to create the right image for buyers.


Poor quality window units are almost like an open invitation to burglars. By installing better quality windows, you will make a home more secure and, therefore, more attractive to buyers. Modern windows are frequently fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms that are virtually impossible for casual thieves to get past.