Shower Screens That Will Steal the Spotlight

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Shower Screens That Will Steal the Spotlight

30 May 2018
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You don't have to own a palace-sized bathroom or a walk-in shower to reap the benefits of stunning designs. You can easily add style and appeal to a snug bathroom space using shower screens. They are highly accommodating and make a great addition to a small bathroom. Even a small apartment bathroom can be made stylish and sleek with the right shower screen. Here's some insight on the shower screens that are best suited for a bathroom that is limited on space.

Frameless shower screens

With clean lines and minimalistic design, frameless shower screens deliver a sense of elegant simplicity to any small bathroom. Their seamless appearance and minimal components make it easy to customise a shower screen to suit both modern and traditional bathroom styles. A frameless shower screen will take up minimal visual space. The open and frameless design will open up your small bathroom space, allowing natural light to filter through and make your small bathroom space look larger.

Frosted shower panel

Stylish frosted panels leave excessive metal hardware out of the equation, letting your small shower blend in seamlessly with the rest of the surroundings. Available in various size options, frosted shower panels offer unmatched longevity, style, and utility to your overall small bathroom design.

Corner entry sliding shower screens 

Suitable for a range of interior bathroom styles, corner-entry sliding shower screens create the impression of more space in a small bathroom. Corner-entry sliding shower screens are designed to fit any small bathroom space, they are easy to operate and they boast an incredibly modern design. Outside of showering in a perfectly positioned bathroom, corner-entry sliding shower screens highlight your sophistication and are a huge selling point for small bathrooms within the house.

Pivot shower doors

If your bathroom is too small for a sliding shower screen, a pivot shower door should be up your alley. The frameless pivot shower door is perfect for the small contemporary bathroom and radiates style and luxury. The door opens via a pivot underneath the door and is perfect for adding substance and aesthetic to any bathroom.

There are many benefits associated with installing shower screens in a small bathroom. If you're looking for a shower screen that is perfect for you, these great options are the best fit for your small bathroom. You can choose from a variety of styles and sizes to optimise your available bathroom space and enhance overall appearance.