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Hello, my name is Harold. I am quite new to using the internet. My granddaughter taught me how to use this computer so I decided to start a blog. I didn't have an idea for what I should base my blog on. My wife suggested that I start a home and garden blog. I should make it clear that I am not a home and garden expert so all this advice consists of things I have learnt myself or been taught by others when I have been working on my own property. I hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful.

Three tips for the easy maintenance of your wooden blinds

22 March 2018
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Wooden blinds are usually amazing because they give your home the warm and natural feel that only wood can. However, due to the fact that wood is vulnerable to various environmental influences, you need to make sure that you clean and maintain your blinds properly at all times. When the blinds are properly maintained, wooden blinds can even last as long as their faux wood counterparts. You just need to know the right processes to follow when taking care of wood. Read More …

Essential Considerations When Installing Shade Sails

6 March 2018
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Australian weather may be agreeable for the most part, but it also has the propensity of becoming erratic on occasion. From scorching heat to sudden showers, it is always best to ensure that your exterior living area has some form of shelter to keep you adequately protected from the elements. One of the types of shelters that are steadily gaining favour with Australian homeowners is shade sails. These structures are proving to be a convenient and functional addition to entertainment areas from verandahs to patios. Read More …

Creating your new kitchen

22 February 2018
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Nothing breathes new life into a home of any vintage like a new kitchen. If you're planning a remodel, or are building a new home, you'll want a kitchen that not only looks great and serves your needs, but is in keeping with the design trends of the time. So what is hot this year? Read on to find out. Eat in kitchens From farmhouse kitchens to far more contemporary affairs, eat in kitchens are decidedly in this year, with interior designers continuing to feature the islands that have become so popular in recent years, as well as dedicated and roomy areas for tables and chairs. Read More …

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Awnings for Your Home’s Exterior

2 February 2018
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Exterior awnings can make any home's exterior look more stylish and attractive, as they add a bit of colour and texture to an outside wall and can tone down the look of too much brick or aluminium siding. Awnings are also often functional, providing shade for the home's interior and some coverage over a deck or patio space. When you are ready to shop for awnings for your home, note some common mistakes you'll want to avoid so you know you'll get pieces that will work as intended and that look attractive outside the home as well. Read More …

Reasons You Need Plantation Shutters in Your New Home

21 November 2017
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You have finally settled in your new home, and what remains is coming up with interior design ideas for sections of the house. Windows, especially big ones, are conspicuous, and whatever finishing you apply on them is bound to affect the overall aesthetics of your home. In this regard, it is worth trying out plantation shutters for your windows. The fact that a significant number of homeowners consider shutters when building their houses is a good enough reason for you to explore them as an option. Read More …